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Brow Sculpt$30
Brow Sculpt with Tint$40
Brow Sculpt with Henna$50

Brow Sculpt$20
Brow Sculpt with Tint$30
Brow Sculpt with Henna$40

Lash Lift$70
Lash Tint$20
Lash Lift with Tint$80

Full set$115
Two week infill$60
Three week infill$80
Four week infill$110

Full set$140
Two week infill$70
Three week infill$90
Four week infill$120

Full set$160
Two week infill$80
Three week infill$100
Four week infill$140

Full set$180
Two week infill$90
Three week infill$110
Four week infill$150

Natural volume$120
- Two week infill$70
Russian volume$120
- Two week infill$70

Brow Sculpt$120
Brow Sculpt with Tint$140
Brow Sculpt with Henna$160
* All of these prices are for the Bathurst region only. Please contact Nicole if you live outside of this area and would like an at home Brow Privee experience