About us

Located in the Historic Brookmoore Centre, Glamour Lashes and Brows offers the best tailored eyelashes and brows of Bathurst. Nicole delivers a unique studio experience and prides herself in offering the best quality products and service for her clients.

Specialising in high quality, Russian Volume, Hybrid Eyelash Extensions, Classic Eyelash Extensions, lash lifts and tints and Brow sculpts (Tint and Henna). Nicole takes the health of your natural lashes seriously. She practices perfect application, tailoring each classic lash and handmade volume fan to each individual, natural lash with focus and isolation. As a result, clients are left with lightweight lashes that conveniently fit all lifestyles. Glamour Lashes and brows lash extensions are designed to last without causing damage to your natural lashes. Nicole also perfects your brows to an on trend shape, keeping them as fluffy and full as possible.

The Artist

Nicole’s passion for eyelashes began in 2018 when she fell into the addiction herself, and after training with her Award winning lash trainer ‘Samantha – Summerhill Lashes’, Nicole also was trained by ‘Sugar Lash Pro’, one of the best Lash education courses on the market. Once this was completed Nicole began doing Lashes on family and friends which grew from word of mouth. When Nicole was constantly complimented on her brows and brow shape, she realised she had a passion for brows also. So in 2019 Nicole was trained by Elleebana and attended a styling course by ‘Kelley Baker’, the renowned Celebrity brow artist to the Celebrities, Including; The Kardashians, Cardi B, Ariana Grande and more. In 2019, Nicole started Glamour Lashes and Brows from her home. Within months, Nicole grew in popularity and Glamour Lashes and Brows became too big for a family home. Now we relocated to the Brookmoore centre within ‘She Beauty Room’. Nicole strives for comfort and perfection, having created a beautiful private one on one studio experience with a La-Z-Boy reclined for maximum comfort.

A perfectionist, Nicole is continually refining her craft as a lash artist, with additional training in 2019 in Australia. Higher industry standards is what Nicole is passionate about, along with her expertise and friendly manner, Nicole assures a comfortable lash experience for each client, with the care for their natural lashes coming first. In saying this, she works with each client individually to reach their lash goals and dreams.

Nicole loves bringing out the natural beauty and sparkle in every woman’s eyes. She creates fluffy lashes and crispy, defined brows to enhance your personal eye & face shape.

Our reputation at Glamour Lashes and Brows has been built on the core value of healthy, safe application so that women can enjoy wearing beautiful lashes without natural lash damage.